Gingiber Illustrations

Holy crap! It’s October already. How did that happen? The good news is that I get to switch my desk calendar. Drum roll please…….



Isn’t it a beaut? I snagged this desk calendar from the Gingiber Etsy shop. The calendar features a whimsical fox every month. It is playful and brightens up my office. Check out all the months, I mean, foxes.


The shop is already selling the 2014 fox calendar. So go buy it.

Gingiber has other great items like prints, pillows, & tote bags “that are sweet enough for children but smart enough for adults.”

I have a few other favorites from the shop that I think deserve a shout-out. Like this set of 3 Antler Animal Tea Towels, which I think would look cool put in frames and displayed on the wall.

il_570xN.499463948_54u0 Speaking of antlered creatures, this dude has got the “don’t mess with me” look down to a T.


This buffalo print is pretty legit too. He’s just chilling, like no big deal.


And I can’t forget to mention Gingiber’s 52 Weeks of Dogs Project; it’s awesome. The shop is putting out one dog print per week and the creator, Stacie Bloomfield’s take on man’s best friend are a-mazing. My personal favs:

The Corgi


The Jack Russell Terrier


The Collie


And The Great Dane

111If these illustrations haven’t convinced you to go check out the Gingiber shop, then you have bigger issues…like finding where your soul went.



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